Citizen Fish:

1989 - present

Dick - vox

Phil - Guitar

Jasper - Bass, vox

Silas - Drums (Trotsky to 2006)

Matt -Trombone

Alex -Trumpet/Accordion/keyboards


Big thanx to: Jessica Mills(sax), Miguel from Oakland (trombone), Minty (trumpet), Alice Treasure (sax)



1980 - 1986, 1998 to present

Dick - Vox

Bruce - Guitar, vox

Phil - Bass (1983 - present, Grant Bass 1980 - 1983)



Also, Culture Shock, 1986 - 1989 was:

Dick - vox

Nige - guitar

Paul - Bass, later Jasper

Bill - Drums


Subhumans and Culture Shock formed in Warminster Wiltshire. Citizen Fish was spawned in Bath, UK.

okay, this was written back in the 90's, when Trotsky was still in the Citizen Fish drum throne, before Silas. Still, it's an interesting snapshot:


For a decade Citizen Fish has been touring the world: turning gatherings, benefits, and social gigs into an international never-ending weekend. These four dudes from the UK, Dick (vocals, motormouth, idealist, one set of clothes for each tour), Phil (guitar, facial hair, soccer, model for BEAR magazine), Jasper (bass, sweaters, cigarettes, ladies man) and Trotsky (drums, one time proprietor of a worm farm, possibly the only member of the band who can drive a van or bench his weight) have created a blend of punk, ska, and straight up rock'n'roll that appeals to the sing-a-long music fans and even the "muso" musician types that typically dismiss punks as not being able to play their instruments.

But it's not so much the fact that these dudes are the most talented musicians in England, it's what they say and how they say it. In a fun loving, all inclusive way, Citizen Fish (and their previous outfits Culture Shock and the legendary Subhumans) have brought working class radical politics to generations of questioning minds. Leaving aside the typical screaming rants of boring political punk bands, the Fish offer a hopeful, danceable alternative. Whereas other bands have fans, admirers, and flavor-of-the-month teenyboppers hoarding to their concerts, Citizen Fish have established an open and always growing family. The idealistic unifying tone of Dick's lyrics, coupled with the catchy driving riffs of the band, allow the Fish to appeal to a wide variety of folks. Heck, they are the only punk band my whole immediate family has seen play live, twice! My mother still partially blames the band for my father's unemployment. After hearing Dick's ranting prelude to "Call in Sick" at a Philly gig, my father burst out applauding and shouting "Yeah now that's a good one! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!" and took another 6 months off.

Touring the USA with the Fish is more like a good family vacation than working as a cog in the ugly and never-ending corporate world of rock'n'roll promotions. Roadies Richard, Karoline, Pete, Paula, and the rotating AK Press bookseller roam the halls, dance up a storm, and fill up floors on punk houses ranging from the grimy squat in Etters to the hot tubbed palaces of Los Angeles. Everywhere the Fish goes, a bottle, a smoke, and a friendly conversation is sure to follow. Familiar dancing faces in every town, beers and vegetarian meals, and local activists filling the gig halls with information, ideas, and inspiration for positive change is what Citizen Fish are all about.

Craig O'Hara Author, The Philosophy of Punk


DICK LUCAS, "the singer"and lyric writer of Citizen Fish would like to add:-

INTERNET CATCHES INTERFISH slash/slash/splash and wwwelcome to the internetlactic world of CITIZEN FISH!  Once merely a quartet of musicians, we are now On The Net ! Which, it says here, increases our potential crowd to umpteen million people!  Enough exclamation marks the spot where we go into serious detail about Who We Is and all that, for those that Don't Know

As the main function of any band is to be heard, let's leave the names and CV dinner for later and tell YOU (that's you, personally, feel free to put the kettle on) WHAT WE SOUND LIKE.  If you're singularly keen on country and/or western, jazz-funk fusion, thrashhh metal or industrial disco rave bagpipe syphonic blues covers, you can vacate this space now, which'll save a few watts for the next generation (better turn that kettle off as well).  However, should your ear cavities be regular over-producers of wax for protection against large scoops of ska-orientated punk rock with twists of reggae and ODD BITS ON TOP, then hey! We Do What That Is!  It being (and I quote)

"bastard difficult"
(Jean-Paul Sartre said that, although it loses it's poetic quality in translation) to describe music in words to a point (1) where you can actually hear the music just by reading about it, or (2) beyond merely linking bands' music to standards defined by journalists or other bands' music (and no band wants to sound exactly like another band, unless they're uninspired or overpaid to do so).

It is (kettle's boiling) now time to advise (as in ADVertISE) as to how to get to hear it, listen to it, and perhaps over time reach the point where you, or some Gene Kelly of the new Millenium, will be singing it in the acid rain.....So far we've released 8LPs, 2 1/2 seven inches (17 1/2 inches?) and assorted tapes; here's a list:
cat.bag.trombone.spine.egg lens. your mother.
And here's a list of our releases:

Free Souls In a Trapped Environment  LP/Bluurg Records/ Fish24
Wider Than a Postcard                LP/Bluurg Records/ Fish26
Disposable Dream/Flesh & Blood       7"/Bluuurg Fish27/Lookout!Lookout61
Live Fish                            LP/Bluurg / Fish28
TV Dinner                            7", split with AOS3/Bluurg/Fish29
Flinch                               LP/Bluurg/ Fish31
Millennia Madness                    LP/Bluurg Fish34/Lookout!Lookout123
Thirst                               LP/Lookout152
Psychological Background Report      CD/Bluurg Fish35
Habit                                EP/Bluurg Fish38/ Lookout206
Active Ingredients
LIFE SIZE Honest Don's CD Don 036/2, LP Don 036/1
Deadline split with Leftover Crack LP/CD Fat Wreck Goods LP/CD Alternative Tentacles

All these are available from BLUURG , as well as T-shirts, CDs, Records and cassettes by Subhumans and Culture Shock.

Most Citizen Fish/ Culture Shock/ Subhumans stuff is available from the shops (record stores that is, not ice cream parlours or gentlemens' outfitters), but the Bluurg Mailorder Dept. is run by two of US, so we'd like to insist that you get it all from us! (please).  
Enough grovelling, make that four coffees while you're out there, three with sugar, two with milk (logicians among you will have deduced that one of us takes both sugar and milk; sceptical logicians will point out that perhaps two of us do, and illogical sceptics will claim that no amount of coffee based info-sheet filler is actually going to result in a cup of coffee at all; but by the time anyone reading this has seriously tagged "illogical sceptic" on their self-image box, the internet WILL be capable of such fluid interchanges!