these Bluurg LPs were all returned by shops as unsellable due to scratches, and have been sitting here waiting for the internet to be invented, cos the internet attracts the sort of discerning/obsessive people that MUST have one of these, even if track 3 side 2 skips, or whatever. I've completely not tested any of these, the faults are as reported by the shop people. the Subhumans LPs are the first versions, not the newer remastered ones

BAND              TITLE                    damage [if known]          UK price including postage

Culture Shock   All the Time  [2]          audible fault both sides [no lyrics]   3

Culture Shock   All the Time  [3]         side 1 track 3 jumps [no lyrics]       3

Culture Shock  All the Time [4]          jumps and sticks side 1 [no lyric sheet]  3

Culture Shock  All the Time [5]         faulty side 1 [no lyrics] 3

Culture Shock   Go Wild  [1]              visible fault side 2 [nasty scratch]  2.50

Subhumans 29:29 Split Vision [1st press]  slight sleeve damage, 4

Subhumans From the Cradle to the Grave undamaged, NOT the new remastered version 6

Instigators  Phoenix            x3                   dirty sleeve/fault unknown     3.50 each