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JUNE 2016

Out now is the brand new album by UK punk/ska pioneers Culture Shock & it is of course all kinds of awesome! Titled "Attention Span", this is the band's first new material since their reformation in 2013 & it picks up in fine style from where their legendary 1980's "Go Wild", "Onwards & Upwards" & "All The Time" releases left off. The tried & tested Culture Shock formula of hard hitting anti-establishment social commentary married with super infectious, raw & ragged punky ska rhythms never sounded better in fact! 10 fantastic songs are served up in total & they are not to be missed. "Attention Span" is available on CD, vinyl & download now through us ['Stuff for Sale' link] or Bandcamp here:http://cultureshockuk.bandcamp.com/album/attention-span  [From Do The Dog zine]

JUNE 2015
on bluurg- fish 53

A U G 2 0 1 2

6 steaming new songs, 20 minute CD of positive angry ska-punk
on BLUURG and ACTIVE records

Citizen Fish New LP "Goods"
out March 1, 2011
on Alternative Tentacles

check out songs HERE at Last.FM

citizen fish 2011 L-R jasper, phil, dick, matt, silas





Available from:

New Updated merch site at www.subhumans.co.uk




Eight years after Gaffer Tape comes Underwater Overground, being the further adventures of punk-ska band Citizen Fish, on and off stage, as they tour in the UK, the USA and Europe.

Jasper has been busy again with his video camera as the band toured England and Wales, the USA (four different tours), the Czech Republic and Poland, with other bands including Leftover Crack, Sainte Catherines, Witch Hunt, Intro5pect, Prague Ska Conspiracy, MDC and Subhumans.

Filmed mainly by Jasper

Edited by Pete Isaacs & Jasper Pattison

Running time: 1 hour 3 minutes

CLICK here for preview!!!!

T4 Project
featuring Trotsky (subhumans) and members of Bad Religion, Strung Out, Damned, Buzzcocks, Pennywise, Circle Jerks.........


Citizen Fish lineup...Silas (top left) drums, Jasper (top right) bass, Dick (bottom left) vocals, and Phil (bottom right) guitar.

01 All Gone Dead
02 Can't Hear The Words
03 Waste Of Breath
04 It's Gonna Get Worse
05 Joe Public
06 Somebody's Mother
07 This Year's War
08 Apathy
09 Pigman
10 Animal
11 Peroxide
12 Businessmen
13 Subvert City
14 Rain
15 Reality Is Waiting For A Bus
16 Nothing I Can Do
17 Wake Up Screaming
18 Evolution
19 Parasites
20 No
21 Mickey Mouse Is Dead
22 Society
23 Black And White
24 Religious Wars 50167.mp3
25 Work-Rest-Play-Die
26 Drugs Of Youth



available from FAT WRECK CHORDS






May, 2006. Karoline (right) and Robert (left), At the office.

Lauren, Subhumans 2006 US tour manager, with band in snow in errr, Minneapolis or somewhere.

dick and bruiser at Fat Wreck HQ

awwwww. Dick (with glasses) and Bruiser (red collar) at Fat Wreck HQ, San Francisco

subs by a lake on the way to Scotland, 2005ish.

RIP John Loder, a name, if not a face, that many of you will recognise from the back of the Subhumans records.
John recorded the Subhumans as well as Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Fugazi and countless others at his Southern Studios in London, and was instrumental in the release and distirution of those records. His passion for the music of those bands and his finely-honed, intensely detailed engineering skills, (we'd nod off on the comfy sofas and wake up half an hour later, utterly bemused that he'd still be tweaking and fine-tuning the same sound) are as much a timeless archive of John's skills and vision as they are invaluable time capsules of those bands captured at their freshest in their earliest days.
John was the architect behind our first trip to the States in 1983, as a bunch of wet behind the ears, wide-eyed teenage innocents from the country. (He chaparoned us over there and gave us some good fatherly advice on the plane). It was, without doubt, a life-changing experience for us.
We didn't see John that much in the later years, but it was great catching up with him when he turned up for a blast from the past at a little gig we did in Hackney a year or two ago. Still the same John, big grin, but with his grey beard he'd taken on a kindly, womble-like air!

John will be fondly remembered by us, standing in the corner of the studio, with yards of tape around his neck, editing "the old way", blackmailing Trotsky to stick the kettle on or risk losing his drums from the mix, and when asked if the bass was loud enough in the mix, giving the reply- "look, if I take it out you can tell it's not there....."
And of course for that grin. Cheers John!





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